About Us

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"JB" James B. Griffin, Founder JBGmg

 “JB” James .B. Griffin, founder of  JBGmg  is a native of Southern California. Born in Los Angeles and  raised in South Pasadena, CA where "JB" attended school in South Pasadena from Kindergarten to High School. He graduated from South Pasadena High School in 1973 .  "JB" attended college at Pasadena City College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Earned his BS Degree from California State University Los Angeles in 1977 in Industrial  Technology  / Printing Management.

JBGmg  offers  cost effective Business services to both individuals and small to mid size business owners across the USA 

  • Real Estate  Residential and Small Commercial Building  Lease or Sale
  • Property Management  up to 8 unit Apartment buildings 
  • Insurance for Individuals and Business Owners   
  • Advertising & Marketing Services for small business owners 
  • Health and Nutrition Products through Shaklee as a Independent Distributor 
  • Exec-On -Call Business  Consulting  

Call  "JB" to discuss how we can serve you! 

We have affiliations with great companies and are growing one customer at a time!

Pictured with American Hero Louis Zamperini