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Call JBGmg we Lease / Sell & Manage  Income Properties and work with Investors 

Listing all of CaLifornia


Time to Downsize

Thinking of leaving California . Give JBGmg a call we sell homes , condos and mansions throughou the state of California  for our full service  listing fee of 3.99% which include both sides of the transaction saving you thousands of dollars during the COVID-19 crisis we  have reduced our rate to 3% total this offer wil extend through  May15th  2020..  

We Insure Homes too

We are a one stop shop to sell you home and insure your home and auto  too  CA Insurance License #01229433 

Fixers Wanted

We have  investors ready to buy your home without listing all cash offers. Call us @ 562.810.8881  

We Lease and Manage your Income Properties

Tired of the hassles of Property Management JBGmg will lease our manage your  Income Properties for you up to 8 units  3.99%  month PM fees  based on your Gross Monthly rental  Income or 3.99% for Annual Lease on on one time Lease.  


JBGmg  represents residential  and income property buyers throughout the state of California for the purchase of residential and income properties at no cost our buyers. Our fees are paid at escrow through from the Sellers proceeds.

Why work with JBGmg

We have over 20 + years experience as a Licensed Agent Broker and have been buying an selling homes since 1977 in California, We know how to negotiate  fair market value offers on behalf of buyers and work closely with sellers to list and market their property at a price to that meet or exceed their exoectations for selling their residential or income properties