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James Brian Griffin is a candidate for nomination/election to the office of US Representative, 48th District to be voted for at the Presidential Primary Election to be held on March 3. 2020 .  We appreciate your donations to support our campaign.  All checks can be made payable to James Brian Griffin for Congress. The maximum we can  accept for a donation is $2800  for a qualified donor. 

we are registered with the FEC and all campaign funds must be reported to the FEC. 

Thanks for your support !   " Go With Griffin"

We know we can win this Election and are committed to success for  which will not be possible without your Vote!  


“JB” James .B. Griffin

phone : 562.810.8881 Fax: 562.222.4320


Extensive business  experience as an  entrepreneur, sales rep,

marketing executive, teacher,  manager, small business owner,   Licensed  Real  Estate Broker  DRE# 01229433  Licensed  Insurance Agent in the State of California  LIC#0I69757.

Native of Southern California. Attended grades K-12 in South

Pasadena, CA.   Previous Homeowner in Duarte, CA.  La Verne, Ca and Long Beach, CA 

Current  Resident  of Sunset Beach  Homeowner  since 2010  



B.S. Degree Printing Management / Industrial Technology Cal

State University LA -

Deans List 3 quarters at Rochester Institute of Technology -

Printing Technology -1974 -1975

Attended Cal  Poly San Luis Obispo  1975 -1976 

Attended Pasadena City College  - 1973-1974 

Former Teacher Printing Industries Association of Southern

California - 1980

Created Healthy Habits Dieters Filecard System 1982

Co-Inventor Roll-Um Baseball and Partner in GRG CO -


Member Cal State LA Cross Country Team 1976 - Finisher

LA Marathon 1991

Member LA Junior Chamber of Commerce 1977-1980 -

Volunteer Special Olympics while attending Cal State LA

Member Pasadena Jaycees  - 1977-1982

President  San Marino South Pasadena Jaycees 1983 -1984   

Master of Ceremonies Pasadena Area Special Olympics -1982

Director  Founder So Cal Italian Festival held in Long Beach , CA 2003

President Fellowship of Christian Athletes Pasadena Adult Chapter  1987-1988 

Publisher Sunset Beach Magazine online  

Partner GRG Co 1986-1989 Creators of Roll-um  Baseball 

Co-Founder Sunset Beach Business Association 

Author  57 Jobs and Counting  "a career guide less traveled and guide to finding your passion" 

Married with 3 adult  children and 4 grandchildern  - Hobbies include Golf,  Paddlebaording

travel and  family gatherings 

Why I am running for Office of US Representative 48th District

As a lifelong resident of Southern California  I  am aware of the changes that have happened in our state and feel that we can make improvements.  listed are a few issues I would like to see changed or improved for the benefit of  the taxpayers.  

1) Lower Health Insurance Premiums  for those families and individuals who do not qualify for premium assistance  which became available to   families in need of premium assistance. The ACA increased Insurance  Health Insurance Premiums for the middle class which made Health Insurance Premiums unaffordbale for the middle class blue collar workers who are not eligible for governments assistance. 

2) Lower Business Taxes  and offer business Incentive programs to keep small businesses in California.  

3)  Better equip and reform our Mental Health Facilities to serve those in need in our district.

4) Serve the homeless in our district with adequate  living facilities, vocational training and work programs.  

5)  Help solve our Traffic Congestion problems  in Orange county and beyond.

6) Help make the immigration process accessible for those seeking to become legal citizens, taxpayers  

7)  Explore  solutions to lower  Gas Prices .     

8)  Promote School and Public Safety  Programs though Security Clearances  and Gun Control measures 

9)  Support Cleanup of our oceans and public parks . 

10)  Be attentive to the 48th district residents, businesses to listen to thier concerns  to help formulate  new  proposed  Legislation /bills  on an ongoing  basis to present to Congress.  

Meet with "JB"

We are currently raising funds to support our campaign  in the 48th district  and would look forward to meeting with you .. Please email 

Recent Visit to Washington DC

My wife and myself were fortunate enough to visit our nations Capitol  this past Summer .. 

Our highlight was visiting the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon  along with many other sites . 

How to reach "JB"

24/7 Voice Mail @ 562.677.7452 or email    I look forward to meeting you! 

We are currently acceptin campaign donations in any amount to help us spread the word about our platform for our campaign and will gladly meet with you  to discuss any issues  and input you wish to give us to help our cause in  running  and winning your vote   in the primary election 

Wishing the best to all  and thank you for taking the time to reach out to me ! 

By Mail 

James B. Griffin  

c/o   JBGmg 

16835 Algonquin Street , Suite 337 

Huntington Beach, CA 92649 

James BrIAN Griffin for US Representative 48th District Camp

Boldness, Strength, Guardian, Service & Leadership

My passion is to do the right thing always , LAER  is something I learned many years ago which is an acronym for 

1) Listen

2) Acknowledge 

3) Explore 

4)  Respond 

Public Service is a priviledge . Service to my district ,   protecting  the  US Constitution ,  Laws of our  Neighborhoods, City, District, County, State and Nation will be my 1st Priority along with listening to the people and making recommendations and proposals to create  a better district .  My door will always be open. 

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James B. Griffin, Candidate for Congress 48th District

Representation for the people Campaign & More!

As a lifetime resident of  Southern  California  I am excited to be  a candidate for nomination/election to the office of US Representative, 48th District in California. 

Personal Mission statements –  To serve the 48th District as a member of the Republican Party and  represent our district  through  roll up the sleeves hard work,  honesty and integrity.

What members of Congress do. 

Members of Congress represent the people of their district in the United States Congress by holding hearings, as well as developing and voting on legislation. All bills must pass Congress before they can go to the President to be signed into law.

In order to provide the best representation for California's  48th  District it wil be my intention and duty to  spend many hours each week meeting with people in  the 48th District to discuss current activities in Congress and listen to their concerns and ideas regarding a variety of issues.

My job is to serve and  would  be available to help  those in the 48th District who may be experiencing difficulties  with a  local or federal agency and any other issues that would fall into my domain as your elected representative to improve our District .

What are the qualifications to a member of House of Representatives

25 years of age

A citizen of the United States for at least 7 years

At the time of election, be a resident of the state

How many members of Congress are there?

There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

How long do members of Congress’ terms last?

Members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every even year. 

How many members of Congress come from each state?

in the House of Representatives, a state’s representation is based on its population.  For example, smaller states like Vermont and Delaware have one representative while large states like California have 53 representatives.

How many people do congressmen and senators represent?

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives each represent a portion of their state known as a Congressional District, which averages 700,000 people. Senators however, represent the entire state.

How do the House and Senate chambers differ?

In the House of Representatives, the majority party holds significant power to draft chamber rules and schedule bills to reach the floor for debate and voting. In most cases, House rules will limit debate so that important legislation can be passed during one legislative business day.

In the Senate however, the majority has the power to schedule when various bills come to the floor for voting but a single Senator can slow legislation from coming to the floor for a vote. Since debate in the Senate is not concluded until 60 senators vote for a cloture motion to approve a bill for consideration, the majority must also coordinate with the minority part to set the rules for debate on legislation. Under this system, legislation can be debated for one or two weeks on the Senate floor alone. 

Why does Congress use the committee system?

Congress deals with a broad variety of different policy issues and it is more efficient to have work done at the committee level than on the House or Senate floor. In addition, this system allows members to gain expertise in specific issue areas they are interested in. Throughout history, committees have been created to address particular issues before Congress. The House has 23 committees while the Senate has a total of 20 committees.

How does a bill become a law?

Passing legislation into law is a complicated and lengthy process between the House and Senate before the bill is presented before the President to be signed into law. 

Contact James B. Griffin

Please contact me if you wish to learn more about my background and why I am running for the  Office of US Representative 48th District in California 

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"Go with Griffin" 

 James Brian Griffin Platform...

Candidate for the office of  US Representative, 48th District 

Areas of Concern / Solutions 


1) Affordable Health Care for all... Revamp with  an affordbale  %  payment system. Based in Household size, income. 

2)  Reduce the Homeless  in OC by building designated  Homeless Shelters and Job Training centers throughout our County and State with targeted elective tax dollars. 


3) Increase Mental Health Services in OC  by opening new centers to help those with mental illness with targeted elective tax dollars. 


4) Continue to stop illegal immigrants  from crossing our borders and  and make improvements in the system to  make the immigration process easier for those who wish to become Legal Citizens in the USA. 

5)   Ongoing Background Checks /Gun Control  measures and eliminate automatic weapons from the public. 

6) Transportation/ Traffic  Initiatives to reduce congestion. Alternate commuting day options system.

7) Reduce Excess  California State and Local Taxes to be in line with other States.

8) Tax dollars targeted  Public Safety,  Education  Transportation Homeless Shelters, Mental Health Facilities and areas that improve the quality of life in our District.  Eliminate excess taxation and unnecessary government spending. 

9) Protect Prop 13  

As a baby boomer born in the 50's and growing up in Southern California, I have witnessed many changes to the area. As the famous movie title "some good, some bad  and some ugly.   One of my favorite  experiences after I graduated from College at Cal State Los Angeles was to join the LA Junior Chamber of Commerce and later the Pasadena Jaycees a leadership training organization. I was encouraged to get involved in the community from my Father (who was a successful business owner). The Jaycees taught me  to always  push myself out of my  comfort zone and take action to better yourself, others and your communities.  In addition to being on the Board  of Directors for the Pasadena  Jaycees in the late 1970s  I also served as President of South Pasadena San Marino Jaycees in the early 80s' .  Most my working  career which was documented in my book ( 57 Jobs and counting " a career path less traveled and guide to finding your passion"  was spent traveling around Southern California and beyond as a Sales Executive for printing and packaging companies for most of my career.  After the devastating  9/11  which changed America forever  I felt a need to make a change in my career. From 2001 - 2004, I  become a Substitute Teacher  and later a District Intern Public School teacher for Long Beach Unified School District workring with students with developmental disabilites and emotional disturbances, That experience changed my life and gave me a new perspective on many things.  I also became a Licensed Real Estate Agent in  prior to 9/11 and  became a Real Estate Broker Licensed  in insurance in P & C and Life and Health in addition to owning my own small business JBGmg marketing & More!  

The biggest changes and  those that concern me and many others in So Cal today  are the high cost of living, affordable housing, traffic congestion, higher taxes, homelessness, border security,  Illegal immigrants taking advantage of our system and avoiding paying taxes etc,  mental health facilities closures, education and public safety. 

Having visited Washington DC this past summer and making visits to Gettysburg, Arlington National Cemetary, the Pentagon, the Nations Capital and the White House I  felt a calling to run for the office for the  US Representative, 48th District in Orange County to make a difference where I am homeowner  in Sunset Beach  with my wife Coby.  I learned many years ago in the Jaycees that Government should be of laws rather than of men and that the Government was designed in our Constitution to serve the people. I would be honored to serve the people of the 48th District in the US House of Representatives if elected and would strive to take an an active role in working with the people , community leaders, businesses, schools and elected officials for improvements in District 48 that will best serve the 48th District and beyond...  

Thank you for supporting me in my campaign in the upcoming Primary Election.  God Bless America!        

Help us spread the word and gain name recognition in the District we are running in. 

We have established a campaign fund account at Bank Of America 

make Checks  Payable to :

James Brian Griffin For Congress 

mail to:

P.O. Box 168 

Sunset Beach, CA 90742 

You may also donate  online  

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James B. Griffin Thoughts / Platform

As a representative of Orange county I would describe myself as a  conservative Republican candidate  running  House of Representative on District 48  

I like to receive my news about politics, government and campaigns through interaction with people,  Radio, TV , Campaign Party Websites. I always  look at both sides of issues regarding proposed laws and political viewpoints.

I respect the opinions of all in their beliefs about politics or government  whether they agree with mine or not.  As a lifetime Republican I support our President and elected officials regardless of party. I am in favor of pro-jobs, pro-border security and pro-America policies which our current President stands for.

I believe cutting taxes should always be a priority and that government should be of laws for the people and not of men. I feel our affordbale care act needs reform to lower health insurance premiums for the middle class and above who say their premiums go up significantly as high as 300% when Obama Care came into law. 

I do not believe in forced unionism and I feel every worker should have free choice in deciding whether to be part of a union or not. 

 I do believe we have too many layers of Government waste and think that many federal programs should be shifted to the  Cities, States or even eliminated to save taxpayers hard earned dollars. 

I support President Trump's conservative budget outline which includes eliminating wasteful programs, redundant Federal programs.  

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I am in favor of renegotiating international trade deals to make sure we are leveraging our power in favor of American Workers and U.S. Based companies. 

I am all in favor of “Made in the USA”  and believe every state should empower and offer tax incentives to small businesses. 

I do believe their  is too much Government involvement in our free enterprise system.  

As a former President of the South Pasadena San Marino Jaycees and as the the US Jaycees state in their  creed which I full endorse I believe 

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth's great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

A few more areas I am in favor of: 

Increased energy exploration for oil, natural gas and coal to be less dependent on imports to lower our fuel prices.

Affordable Housing and AB 1482  Statewide Rent Control in California and just cause evictions  

Continue to secure our borders and deport illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes in the USA.

Streamline the immigration process to encourage foreigners who wish to become legal citizens.   

Continue to support or Veterans with programs that serve their needs for healthcare, housing and jobs. 

Keep our Military Strong and equipped to Protect America.

Lets work together always!  


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays &  Happy New Year from James B. Griffin, Candidate For Congress 48th District 

James Brian Griffin On Voters Edge

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