Experience "a Taste of Italy" in SO Cal


So Cal Little Italy Proposed Development

 A project of Piana Development Group dba JBGmg is a planned 20-40 acre mixed used development, destination proposed in So Cal featuring "top rated"   Italian Restaurants, cobblestone walkways , beautiful fountains, Wine bars, coffee and dessert shops, a movie theatre and entertainment center,  Italian Gift and  Fashion outlets, a resort villa hotel , condominiums and offices.  Sites being considered are located  within  a 75 -100 mile radius of downtown LA.     

So Cal Italian Festival

JBGmg produced the 2003  Taste of Italy So Cal Italian Festival 

 in Long  Beach. CA at the Seaport Marina Hotel.

We Promote "a taste of Italy" in So Cal & Beyond

We promote Italian Festivals  and  Italian Restaurants  and more. 

 If It's Italian we want to know  

Feature your Event or Restaurant

We love to feature Italian  Festivals , Restaurants and more 

from  LA to NY and  throughout the USA. 

Experience "a taste of Italy" in Arizona

6th Annual Italian Festival of Arizona will be at the Scottsdale Southbridge February 22- 24th 2019 

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"JB" James B. Griffin founder of JBGmg  has Italian roots .  JB's  Mom was born in Los Angeles and was 100% Italian.   "JB's "  gramdparents immigrated from Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily  in 1921  arriving to the United States and were processed  through Ellis Island. NY   like millions of other legal immigrants and then from NY they made their way to the Lincoln Heights section of Los Angeles where they started a small business and lived the American dream.  

Italian Festival of Arizona

February 22nd - 24th 2019  

Piana degli Abanesi, Sicily

Home  of the Cannoli