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I have always been  interested in health and nutrition and  always feeling and looking my best.  I  am pleased to announce my continued  relationship with Shaklee  as an Independent Distributor which started in 2005.  
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" Worldwide sales from the network marketing Industry are larger than global film and entertainment sales, global music sales  and global sales from the leading soft drink company "  -  The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke 

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We invite you to check out the Shaklee Line of Products  Proven by Science. The Landmark Study, led by an acclaimed nutrition researcher with the University of California , Berkeley is one of the largest studies of long-term users of multiple supplements. The Study showed that people who used Shaklee Supplements had much healthier biomarkers for heart, brain and cognitive health compared to non-supplement or non-Shaklee single supplement users. 

Shaklee offers great nutrition, supplement  and weight management products with a 100% guarantee . If you are not satisfied. You can send them back to Shaklee for a full refund even if the container is empty. 

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Network Marketing is a major player in the global economy

"The Network Marketing method of marketing as an Industry has grown 19 of the last 21 yearsm including 92% in just the past 11 years. $182.5 Billion worth of goods and services are sold worldwide each year in the industry, and there are more than 147 million people worldwide who participate at some level in this concept "   -  The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke  

Introducing Optiflora DI

New clinically proven probiotic for digestive and immune health . 

What are Probiotics ?  Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for you especially your digestive system. Your gut is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are called "good or helpful" bacteria beacuse they help keep your gut healthy  

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Join Shaklee as an Independent Distributor

Shaklee offers an opportunty to build your business at your own pace sharing Shaklee  Products with your family, friends , neighbors and anyone you meet.  If you are interesting in promoting better health Shaklee may be the right business opportunity for you to get started for the chance to make addtional part time income through your efforts in building a customer base or sponsoring new  distributors. 

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James B. Griffin, Independent Distributor 


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trimcards Weight & Health Management System


You are what you eat

trimcards allows you to track what you eat on a daily basis . By tracking what you eat you can moniter your food intake, see where you need to make adjustments for feeling better when you record your eating habits 

No batteries required

carry trimcards with you in your purse, shirt pocket or wallet.  trimcards are much easier to use  than the gazillion weight management apps that are complicated  and drain your phone  with pop ups etc .. 


As lifetime weight watcher trimcards has helped me maintain my weight .. once your get into the habit of recording what you eat and drink and monitor how you feel you will be in control of your weight and start being more productive. Don't knock yourself out of the box with unhealthy habits .. all things in moderation !  -  "JB"  Griffin, Sunset Beach, CA 

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Take $5 off your order of trimcards 

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now $4.95 until May 30th 2019

Shipping and handling $3.50 anywhere in the USA  

includes bonus insert and lifetime membership card to trimcards

to order email  or call 562.677.7452 

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Trimcards is looking for, spas, fitness clubs and  retailers to carry trimcards

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trimbits from trimcards where healthy habits help you feel better

Eating Right  starts with recording what you eat to learn what foods are compatible with your unique body type and system 

Benefits of  recording what you eat daily using trimcards  

1) Lower your weight  and cholestrol  

2)  Reduce your chance of heart disease and stroke as you carry less weight  

3) Only eat foods that keep your energyized and avoid foods  that are making you feel sick  

Trimbits Energy Foods

Looking to shed a few pounds and start feeling better everyday here are some trimbits suggestions for foods and beverages  to  avoid or only enjoy in moderation  ..  

1)  Hot Dogs and all processed meats  and sorry even everybody's favorites  Bacon  and Sausage... Its okay to  have a Hot Dog ( just one)   if your going to a Ball Game  nothing like a Dodger Dog at Dodger Stadium  ! 

2)   All Soft Drinks  laden with Sugar and Diet  Drinks ( they can cause Kidney Stones) at least thats what my Doctor told me when i had a kidney stone ... Ouch! Stay Hydrated always and  Drink plenty of  bottled  water or fresh squeezed fruit juice instead like the caveman did .

3)  Milkshakes , Ice Cream  and  Bon Bons ..  If you must enjoy a popsicle , gelatto  small cup .. 

4)  All Cakes, Cookies,   Candy Bars ( that is unless you are celebrating a birthday or a friends birthday.. enjoy a small piecce of cake ... Donut  Exception ...  Donuts  OK .. I love Donuts ... but just 1 a day  allowed ..  that does not mean a  Super Size  Apple Fritter or 12" Donut Twist ( too many calories) .. If you want a Donut just have a Buttermilk or Cake  Donut with  Nuts  thats healthy ...about  200 - 250 calories . You won't gain weight eating just one small Donut a day and you will be happy with each bite . 

5)  Avoid processed Orange , Cranberry Apples Juice etc.  These juices  lack any real fruit and are laced with additives and  fructose aka sugar.. Instead  bite into a Fresh apple or  a fresh  orange or squeeze  1/2 Grapefruit for breakfast  for your Vitamin  C  replenishment ...

6)  TV Dinners, Fried &  Salty  Foods  example McDonald's  French Fries,  KFC  & Churches Chicken. Fast Food at Taco Bell,  Jack n The Box,  Carls Jr's , Wendys. Instead of these greasy places that serve and too much fat and too much salt pack a lunchbox with  raw carrots, celery and some healthy nuts or a healthy nutrition bar for energy.. .Best to steam or bake your meals and  eliminate greasy oils and fats from red meat   to help you lose weight if that is your goal ..    Try Boiling some pasta and adding some protein like   broiled or grilled  chicken on top ..

7)   Cheese and Diary Products .. all processed and hard to digest especially if you are lactose intolerant 

8) Wheat and Bread   Margarine ..  substitute lettuce wraps you will feel and look better without bread and if you have a wheat intolerance you need to steer clear of wheat anyway . If you do eat bread just try to eat one  piece of bread and use butter instead of margarine or better yet dip in Balsamic Oil ( better for you )  That's what they do in Italy !   I'm 1/2 Italian I know that .. 

9.  Alcohol  -  If you drink do so in moderation . Alcohol when digested to like  sugar high in carbs and fat  so best to pass on those frothy Mai Tai's and drinks with Coke  or 7up as the base.. Try club soda  less calories for you mix and if you drink margaritas order a skinny margarita to save calories .  Beer ?  Drink Light Beer .. as the ads say  Less Filling and Less Calories .. Always be sure to eat something too when indulging  in a glass of  wine or libations  with family or friends and order something healthy..  I know we all love Potato Chips and Doritos but best to stay away from those salty snacks instead knaw on carrot sticks or celery and do not dip another way to avoid calories avoid those salty and higg calorie dips served at most parties with chips.. Of  course no desert if you are drinking.   It's a sugar overload for your body so as the saying goes take your pick "you can't have you cake and and eat it too.  

10. Fasting ...  Every so often is great to skip a meal or two or three   and give the old digestive system a break.  If you are fasting drink plenty or water and eat small portions of healthy foods  that are easy to digest such as lettuce, carrots, celery,  vegetables,  fruit and nuts ( that is you are not allergic to nuts).  As always with any program involving losing  weight to improve your appearance and health it is always best to seek the advise of a medical professional before beginning any diet or exercise program to lose weight . Stay away from those fad liquid diets that promise lose 15 pds in one week . All Diets Fail .. Quit Dieting and just start eating right in the right combinations .. 

* Disclaimer:  trimcards and trimbits tips is not a medical organization. 

Any information we provide on our website or on our product trimcards should not be substituted for medical advice or diagnosis by a licensed MD. 

Results from using trimcards vary for each person  due to differences in  an  individuals age, genetics,  exercise history,  sex,  motivation and other outside factors.

trimcards like all other weight management programs firmly believes each person should always consult a  physician or qualified health care practitioner before embarking on a new weight loss or fitness program.  


We want to hear from you and help you lose weight !

For a Free  Weight Management  Consulltation with trimcards please call our 24/7 VM  @ 562.677.7452 

or email

trimbits tip # 39 ....Always eat Foods that are compatible with you!

Eat healthy  foods that make you feel better in the right combinations (  example balance your  proteins, carbs and fat in the amount allowed for weight management .. 


Chicken - protein

Pasta and Zucchini - Carbs 

Pasta Sauce - Fat /oil  

Avoid Overeating ! 

"The most Important action one can take when trying to lose weight is keep a Food Diary " - "JB"

If you are serious about losing a few pounds and tracking  the food beverages you consume its will take a few minutes from you day .. As the saying goes no pain no gain .. many of our competitors have an app on your phone or your own portal you can log into on your home computer . At trimcards we make it easy all you need to is a pen or pencil and you can carry trimcards with you wherever you go .. No Batteries or electricity required .. carry trimcards in your purse, phanny pack, pocket or wallet bend it twist it it wont break but it might tear .. trimcards are sold  in a pack 30 day supply for our special price of $9.95. For  .33 cents a day you can rely on trimcards to help you feel your best everyday by learning what to eat and what not to eat to start feeling your best everyday .. 


trimcards Food Journal Benefits

Once you have a baseline history of what you eat and drink with trimcards  and how you feel you will be able to make adjustments and make better food choices and develop healthier habits such as avoiding sugars , fats and processed foods..  if you are motivated your habits most likely will change into healthier eating habits such as more non processed food choices. cutting back on  sweets and starting a moderate exercise program since most likely you wil have more energy with better eating habits. Looking and feeling better is what we all strive for.  It is our belief that if you honestly use trimcards for 30 days you will see changes for the better in improving your  food choices and which will most likely lead to developing lifetime healthy habits .    What are you waiting for ....  use trimcards today and let us know how you are doing ! 

"JB"  Griffin,  Founder 


and yes "JB" is a lifetime weight watcher as most of us are ... still got 10 pds to go .. I'm gaining on it with the help of trimcards  and my relationship with Shaklee as an Independent Distibutor. 

trimbits thought for the week!   

Keep your body in Fat Burning Mode not a Fat Gaining Mode !    

How do you do that ? 

Eat more healthy foods , move a bit more   and take  in fewer calories than  what your body can burn in a day .. 

Sunburst Super Foods