Work is my Play


In Business, find a need and fill it

Early in my sales career  one my Mentors was Wallace E. Johnson co founder of the Holiday Inns with Kemmons Wilson.   Wallace satrted his business with a $250 loan on his car and built affordable homes starting at $2,995.  He became the largest builder of affordable housing in the South.    

Set Goals for your Life & Business

As Wallace E. Johnson  wrote in his book "Work is my Play"  he  believed  as I do also  that "the  United States is the greatest country in the world and that under our free enterprise system there is no limit to where a person can go if  they  will seek God's  will for their  life and use their  God Given talents to the fullest . " - Wallace E. Johnson 

Each day Wallace would write his goals down daily on a card which he would carry with him throughout the day .   As you write your goals as Wallace would do pray specifically that God will help you accomplish each goal you set for the day, week, month or year.  Then go to work to reach your goals. Follow your burning desire for your life, and God will bless you richly. 


Develop the proper attitude toward God, family, country, job, your fellowman - a positive friendly, thankful attitude.    

Turn Lemons into Lemonade

If you are unable to get a job. place a job wanted ad in a leading newspaper where you live. You don't always get what you want unless you inspect .  Honest work and thrift are not below the dignity of any person. There is no substitute for hard work.  The American dream is not dead as long as we are willing to work.  Freedom to work is second only to religious freedom 


Get help in achieving your goals from many sources but especially from God 


Thanks to "Together we Build" a book on the   The Life and Faith of Wallace E.  Johnsohn originally published as "Work is my play" for  your model and some of the quotes  on this page  that we strive to live by as we build our personal and  business goals.