trimcards Weight & Health Management System


You are what you eat

trimcards allows you to track what you eat on a daily basis . By tracking what you eat you can moniter your food intake, see where you need to make adjustments for feeling better when you record your eating habits 

No batteries required

carry trimcards with you in your purse, shirt pocket or wallet.  trimcards are much easier to use  than the gazillion weight management apps that are complicated  and drain your phone  with pop ups etc .. 


As lifetime weight watcher trimcards has helped me maintain my weight .. once your get into the habit of recording what you eat and drink and monitor how you feel you will be in control of your weight and start being more productive. Don't knock yourself out of the box with unhealthy habits .. all things in moderation !  -  "JB"  Griffin, Sunset Beach, CA 

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